Our vision: To bring the kingdom of God to the Ethiopian community here in denver metro area.

Our purpose: To glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

Our mission: Transforming lives through the Gospel to change the world.

As a church, a gathered family of believers in Christ, what do we want to do in this world? This is our question of Vision. We want the world around us to reflect the rule, reign, and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. We want righteousness to be found in our own lives, in our families, in the business place and the government, the marketplace, and in health care.


We are trying to bring the perfect light of Christ into the world around us. We want to see the peace of Christ triumph in our community. Wherever we are in this world, we want to see Christ performing His work there. We want the corners of the earth to reflect the perfect rule and reign of our loving Father in heaven. Yet, as members of this community, we can affect our immediate world here, and as we are sent, the rest of the world. Our vision unites us to the rest of God’s people around the world; we all work for a common vision. Yet, how will we, as Addis kidan Church work toward this vision? What is our particular contribution toward this magnificent work of God? The answer to this question is our Mission: transforming lives through the Gospel to change the world.


Pr Teame Desta